Jewellery Care

Precious metals are relatively hardy but with some extra precautions you can provide your jewels with lifelong care by following this guide

Remove jewellery when applying perfumes, lotions and potions as these products can coat the item and possibly accelerate tarnishing.

Prolonged exposure to the air will result in oxidisation (tarnishing) therefore store your jewellery in a suitable vessel when not in use. Wearing jewellery helps slow down tarnishing so rotate your collection often. 

Remove residues and light tarnishing using the polishing cloth provided with your order. This cloth is impregnated with polish, it is quite powerful therefore start slowly and gently to see how shiny you like your jewels to be.

Gently clean away embedded dirt with warm water, a mild detergent and soft toothbrush. Regular cleaning like this will keep jewels clean and gem sparkly.

Remove your jewellery in any situation where you or your jewels may be harmed as a result of wearing them, including but not limited to DIY, vehicle maintenance, gardening, sports and gym.