Customer Reviews

Some of my most treasured pieces have come from Toilworn. When you hold one of her pieces, it feels like it was passed down through generations while also having been made just for you.



I finally decided to bag one of the quatrefoil necklaces after years of being a fan. I knew the quality was going to be amazing but it surpassed my expectations!



Mini-Flourish Necklace - Everything Thea makes is a work of art! The detail in its design is stunning. I love to wear it alone or layered with multiple necklaces!



I bought a Quatrefoil pendant from Thea in 2021, and I couldn't be happier with my purchase! Toilworn's creations are out of this world; and the quality and craftsmanship of my piece is stunning! I love my pendant and wear it almost daily

Maria Eleonora Sparkles


5 stars, 11/10 would recommend Toilworn's jewels! She's so incredibly talented and everything she makes is such good quality, and amazingly detailed seeing as everything is wax-carved first. I'm lucky enough to own a few of her pieces and will continue to support her craft.