Gothic Sightseeing // Litchfield Cathedral

I took a trip to Litchfield Cathedral, gothic wonder in the Midlands. Many a quatrefoil, gargoyle and flourish to behold. It was breathtaking, aesthetically arresting (new term, thanks to Ashley).

The original church was an Anglo-Saxon creation, later rebuilt into this gothic wonder with many a refurbishment since including an extensive Victorian one. There were some obviously very modern stone carvings when you explore the details. I know many cathedrals actually have their own full time stone masons onsite, but I didn't see any evidence of this here. There was a man ferociously scrubbing some steps though.

It's built of local sandstone with a district orangey / red hue which is quite unusual in most gothic architecture we think of from Europe, even the rest of the UK.

Litchfield Cathedral also holds the second oldest book in the land, the Litchfield Gospels, of Book of Chad, written in 730. It's on display, and didn't look too tatty all things considered.