Design Retirement // May 2021

I've decided to retired the following designs. All will be added to the Last Chance section Monday 31st May 2021 at 7pm BST for anyone that wishes to snag one before they disappear.

Toilworn Jewellery Last Chance May 2021

Arrowhead Pendant

This was the first design I made when rekindling my jewellery journey. I had made no jewellery for a whole decade prior to this. I found carving the rough textures in wax very therapeutic and it was the first design I was content with since re-exploring this craft and the first to make it into my launch collection. 

Untimely Pendant and Earrings

The skull face from these designs was taken from the original model of the Untimely ring. I sawed the face off a production casting and soldered it to the triangle setting made especially for it. 

Luna Landing

This was my first stone-set piece and was available with either moonstone and labradorite. Over the years I made occasional ones with other stones including star diopside and most recently a rose-cut garnet. Carving those crater textures was a delight and I'm planning more moon designs in future.