Church of Sanctus // Transcending Poison

With blood reds, velvety blacks, netting, lace and exquisite embroidery, Church of Sanctus launched Transcending Poison on the 14th February.
This collection of sartorial armour seems to empower the wearer and embolden the feminine. 10% of all profits from these pieces will be donated to The Survivors Trust, a charity that that supports survivors of rape, childhood sexual abuse and sexual violence.
I am honoured that the Untimely pendant and ring feature as accessories to complement these pieces in the Transcending Poison lookbook.
Church of Sanctus Inertia Robe and Heartbreak Red Robe
Church of Sanctus Inertia Robe and Medusa Coat
Church of Sanctus Bordello Shrug Intertia Fishnet Robe and Fatale Gown
// Clothing, Photography and Model: Church of Sanctus, Lucinda Sinclair