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Twin Untimely Skull Ring

Twin Untimely Skull Ring

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Twins, lovers, friends, companions. Created from the amalgamation of two models of the original Untimely skull ring. Finished by handand finished with an oxidisation to enhance the features.

The skull, a classic Memento Mori image, reminding us of our eventual fate. The term Mememto Mori literally translates from latin to "Remeber that you have to die". Less morbid than first appearances, these seemingly macabre pieces serve to remind us to cherish life. 

Not strictly one-of-a-kind but will only be made on a limited basis. If you would like one made especially for you in your size please get in touch via the contact page.

‡ Sterling Silver .925, hallmarked
‡ 10.5g
‡ 9mm x 10mm (skull)
‡ Oxidised


This is a Ready-Made piece, please allow 5 days to ship. All others will take up to 15 days.

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